Private Lessons are absolutely instrumental for the development of a young musician. While music education that takes place in a classroom is wonderful, it is impossible to give every student exactly what they need all the time. Every child learns differently, and what may make sense to most of the class may not resonate with ALL students. In private instruction, a student is able to get individualized attention, specifically tailored for them to optimize their musical growth. 

When working with a student, I believe it is not only important to teach what I think they should know, but also what they want to learn. In our lessons, we will cover a wide variety of musical concepts that can applied to a variety of musical settings. 

I am available to give private instruction on both trumpet and french horn. I am currently teaching out of Johnstonbaugh's Music Centers at their Golden Mile Highway location. Please contact me or Johnstonbaugh's for more information about private lessons. Please contact me at michaelbucksteinmusic@gmail.com or see the "Contact" tab for more contact options.


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